Finally up and running :)

Even though it is mid(ish) February (this was to be a Holiday project) the site infrastructure is finally up and running!
Added by Tido over 3 years ago

This site is as much for me as it is for anyone else - so if you like it great - if not i'll give you a full refund ;)

i was originally thinking to refer to it as my Pensieve until goggle informed me that i wasn't the first to come up with that - nor apparently even in the first several hundred thousand :)

i could blame the delay on being sick through the whole holiday season - or maybe that i needed a break (even if i didn't know it)

But more likely it was finally following the advice of a good friend which roughly can be roughly paraphrased as:

Better to have something working now than something perfect later

"never" was implied in the "later" :P

And it may have been delivered in a slightly more pointed way - but the end result is "profit"

(oh and he dislikes that i choose not to capitalize my "i"s)

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